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Looking at the old man's honest appearance, Luo Xuan was a little uncertain about the situation in front of him, and muttered, "Could it be that the information is wrong?" .

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It's a pity that the Avenue of Longevity is broken, and they are destined not to live forever... ...

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This is Wei Wuzu, the second infantry soldier on the ground, holding up his shield and under the three layers of heavy armor, he almost ignored all attacks. In addition, you can bend your bow and shoot arrows from a distance, serve with a spear at a medium distance, and chop with a long sword at a short distance, killing the heavenly soldiers and generals retreating steadily.

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Hei Lian said: "Demons are very fragile when they evolve, and they cannot fight back. But the environment in which demons live is very harsh, and they may be attacked at any time. Therefore, even when demons are evolving, they will ensure that their six senses are fully activated, and even Even more sensitive than usual. Once you find that the situation is not good, you will directly give up the promotion and rush out to fight the enemy. Although the consequences are very serious, it is also a way to save your life."

Liu Huan was silent...

"Those that can fly are treasures, the same thing!" Changlong said, swinging Daha and smashing the flying sword!

Now, they're crawling out again."

With that appearance, it should be the girl in Qianmo's body, the so-called sword soul!

Mo Wenzhi sighed, and said to Jiang Li, "Your Majesty, I implore you, please treat my sister kindly."

Jiang Li ignored him, but dragged the smaller tiger demon away.

" it! Today I will let you understand one thing, the glory of the past can't represent everything. The emperor was so powerful back then, didn't it just disappear? Those incomparably powerful generals who followed the emperor back then, no Is knowing the current affairs still dead? Only we, we have seen the future and made the right choice to survive. We are still brilliant, while those people have turned into dry bones. Facts have proved that our choice is right.

At this moment, a scream sounded.

But Jiang Li still kept six people, none of these six guys were human, three were evil spirits, and three were tiger demons. .

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Jiang Li was stunned for a moment, what's going on? .

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