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Song Jing has no intention of going back; ... loan low interest rates

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The original place where the sky pillar stood was replaced by Su Nian's heart, and finally turned into a colorful new sky pillar. .

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You can imagine what it feels like lying on the bedside all night. When Song Jing woke up the next day, there was almost no comfortable place on her body. Her entire back seemed to be stiff. She just wanted to stretch her arms and move around. The wounds on his arms and shoulders protested at the same time, so he stopped his movements, and when he looked up again, he found that the person on the bed had woken up; ...

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Song Jing remembered that a box of charcoal was put in at the beginning, he got up and searched from cabinet to cabinet, talking non-stop while looking for his mouth;

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"He vomited three times with three meals a day, is there any way to relieve it?"

"Junior brother, Anian, where is Anian? How is he?"

Mo Lingxiao's movements startled Erbao who was dreaming. The sleepy Erbao closed his eyes and sat up abruptly. The Erbao who was still immersed in the dream muttered: "Daddy, Xiaobao wants to eat candied haws!"

"It's broken, it's broken. There is nothing to cultivate in the ruthless way. Master, you are mine. From now on, life after life, you can only be mine. You can't escape."

Recalling how excited Su Nian was when he said he would use the Nine-color Lotus just now, Mo Lingxiao felt particularly uncomfortable. Did he break into Cangjun's mansion several times at night just to steal the Nine-color Lotus for himself?

In the past few months, Qin Mo has actually gotten used to Song Jing being busy taking care of him by his side. In the evening, Zhou Hai ate dinner and explained Song Jing's request for evening care before returning home.

That emotion couldn't be suppressed, he didn't want to be a person who couldn't do without the care of others, and the unhappiness in his body and heart made his loss of control even worse. He raised his hand and hit Song Jing's wrist bone, forcing him to Let go, Song Jing was in a hurry and didn't dare to really use force with him, Qin Mo didn't pay attention to a small raised step on one side when he stepped up, and suddenly leaned forward, Song Jing's pupils shrank violently for a moment, and couldn't care about anything He used to support his body, but it wasn't on the ground, it was on the covered bridge of the water pavilion, and there were no handrails around him. Qin Mo saw that Tan fell into the water, and Song Jing didn't even have a place to rely on, so he could only step on it. The edge of the water pavilion stabilized Qin Mo's body.

Su Nian's question made Cang Jun stunned for a moment, and then he smiled, "Xing Jun should be very clear about what will happen, and...you should have already felt it!"

"I washed my hands, you smell it, it smells like fresh hand sanitizer."

"Um, hot..." .

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Every time Su Nian had miasma attack, Leng Aotian was by his side every time, he had never seen Su Nian in such unbearable pain that he wanted to die. .

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