what do i need to get a 300k mortgage
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【what type of mortgage illegal 】 Su Ran is not sure. 。

The killing sound shook the sky.

"Don't worry about offending Moon Hunter, you are in a good mood." A soft laugh came from one side.

After being shocked by his violent punch, Su Ran felt a little uncomfortable.

Yuan Batian nodded:

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Su Ran breathed a sigh of relief, the berserk had already stopped.
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Among the dead, there was no Yue Yue.
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As soon as the next day dawned, Su Ran took two Great Yuan Guards and about twenty first-grade Gu masters to the bandit camp on Huqu Commercial Road.
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Su Ran would not completely believe in Tantai Yue, nor did she know how Tantai Yue appeared in the rocky field.
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For strengthening, the consumption of Gu source essence by legendary attributes and ordinary attributes is the same.
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One Gu is the Flying Thunder Gu, which uses the insect skill Thunder Attraction. The Flying Thunder Gu stands outside the Wave Moon Pagoda, and every three seconds, it spits out a beam of thunder at Su Ran.
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Secret rock is the associated ore of the secret stone mine, which is heavy and hard, and is often used to make caves and underground secret rooms.
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