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【is student loan unsecured debt 】 The second daughter laughed. Guan Nuoxue gently grabbed Chu Shaoyan's ear and said, "Smelly Shaoyan, if you dare to leave the palace, I will bite off all your flesh!" 。

Suddenly, Chu Shaoyan stared at her and smiled bitterly: "I'm sorry, I didn't realize it just now. By the way, how is your mother's health recently?"

After placing the girl, Chu Shaoyan frowned slightly, waved his hand as if making up his mind, and then quickly untied the girl's clothes. Under the clothes, there was actually a light green douche, which made him startled. This Doudou is a bit old, and has hand-embroidered flowers, it is likely to be a relic left by her mother.

Li Rongrong's eyes are like silk, her eyes are flowing, her red lips are as attractive as cherries, and her voice is slightly hoarse and she asks in a low voice: "Flower picker, is this girl beautiful?"

"The 120 ambulance has come over there." The Xizhou police officer had been entrusted by his superiors before, and he seemed quite polite, and then drove the police car towards the 120 ambulance.

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Chu Shaoyan smiled lightly and shook his head: "No, that's a rumor. It should be said that the alliance between Mayor Xiao and Secretary Jiang is inevitable. As for Chief Long, he is upright by nature, jealous of evil, and he is not the same as Deputy Mayor Tong. "
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"Hi, Chu... Shaoyan, good Nirvana, meet the bird again!" Shi Danday raised his hands and smiled.
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Luo Qingquan said with a smile: "Why, Boss Shaoyan wants to do it himself? I'm flattered!"
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At ten o'clock in the morning, the ringing of the phone woke him up from his sound sleep, and when he picked it up, he heard Shu Lihong laughing loudly: "Chu Shaoyan, you are so deceitful! Now all the major websites and even newspapers in Jiangdong are hyping you up." There must be an uproar, I think the relationship between Wei Huatong, the number one in Ningcheng, and Lin Bangjie must be broken!"
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In order to further stimulate Chu Shaoyan and make him bravely venture into Longtan and Tiger's lair, they accepted Lin Bangjie's suggestion and killed his old rival, the father of Chu Shaoyan's other woman, Luo Mingdong, the president of the provincial chamber of commerce.
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After hanging up the phone, the white-haired old man smiled sinisterly: "Old Dugu Fox, you have a plan, I'll go over the wall ladder! Even if you want to stay in Ningcheng, I'm not afraid, you Honglian will operate in Jiangcheng for many years, It's not in vain that Lin Bangjie's Longquan Gang has been operating in Ningcheng for decades!"
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When those people approached, Zidie suddenly snuggled into the arms of the rock man, her slender arms were hung around his neck, and she tiptoed to kiss his lips suddenly.
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On the middle floor of the Luo family villa area, Luo Mingdong is urging Chu Shaoyan and his subordinates to work. The black skin guy and the others once razed this place to the ground like wolves and tigers, but now they are working as hard workers, and they can't help complaining.
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