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The tentacles wrapped around Gu Ming's body in the picture suddenly danced wildly, passing through the picture of Little Pudding, going from illusion to reality, descending into reality, and rushing towards An Ran and the others! ... i pay really low interest on my mortgage loan. should we put an additional down monthly

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For a moment, the atmosphere was completely frozen. .

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Of course, there was no Yan Qingzhu, nor Yu Xiaoyao. ...

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After all, according to the current experience, after the first connection, there will be no chance of a second connection in a short time.

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"Speaking of it, you may not even know what the Taisu Divine Stone and Taisu Altar are. After all, things at that level, let alone ordinary people, are extremely far away from ordinary fairy kings..."

He had indeed heard of the names of these forces, but after returning to Serbia, he had been busy practicing, and later encountered the mysterious girl, so he didn't pay more attention.

"The Immemorial Forbidden Zone, he broke into the Immemorial Forbidden Zone, and then, he encountered an unimaginably powerful enemy in the Forbidden Zone, surpassing all the enemies he encountered in the past, causing him to fall into a bitter battle and retreat steadily."

At the last moment, An Ran inevitably remained silent.

Concerned about An Ran's doubts, the man grinned and said with a loud smile: "Jiuzhong Tianque, nine million years, the first person in nine hundred million immortals and demons."

Zu Chuan shook his head with a dark face, and whispered word by word.

I don't know how much the outside world has changed during the time when they repeatedly guessed fists?

And Baidi is the first ray of light between heaven and earth, and all light in the world must be controlled by him. Naturally, he is also a master of illusion.

He seemed to be able to see a faint sneer on the face of the Goddess.

The bridge of life and death trembled endlessly, and the Styx River behind Qi Ling Nanming caused a thousand waves. .

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If the visions evolved from the Taishi altar were all kinds of shocking terrains in rivers, lakes and seas, or the power of innate gods and demons, and the suppression of the world by fairy palaces and palaces, they would not be so surprised. .

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