finding a small loan for personal use
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【using a small loan to invest stocks 】 Another piece of earth in the central region has long been a mess. 。

The head of the Lin family took a few steps back and shouted: "This son is brave, let's kill him together!"


Su Ran was delighted, he agreed to let Chang Kong's family and Lin's family go, Qin Nei Immortal Gu seemed to be benefiting Illusory Immortal Gu.

How long does it take to adjust?

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Flying Immortal Gu screams!
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Su Ran's target is also the essence of Gu, and the pressure of competition is very high!
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"Doo turntable!" Gong Jiuhuang was very excited, subconsciously stretched out to grab the turntable in Su Ran's hand, and quickly withdrew his hand, a little out of control.
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Slurry area.
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"That's right, now Marquis Qianshan is in chaos and wants to abolish my position as Marquis of Beigong and let Beigong Chu take over. Patriarch Mo is leading people to resist."
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Su Ran pointed at Wu Gongfeng: "I said, don't move!"
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In fact, there are too few.
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Hastily using the technique of shifting stars, he didn't know where he was.
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