one way for a small business to obtain a bank loan is to sign a
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【what does applying for two loans at the same time for to my credit? 】 In order to reconfirm the identity of this guy, Chu Shaoyan called the police; twenty minutes later, Shu Lihong, the deputy head of the Provincial Criminal Investigation Corps, called back to confirm that Wu Chao had resigned. 。

"Thank you, one minute." Chu Shaoyan said.

Chu Shaoyan reached out and touched her little head habitually, and Zidie approached happily, hugged his waist, and snuggled into his generous arms.

"Let go of Mr. Luo!" The horse-faced man took a step closer, holding a pistol, and said coldly.

The photos fell on the table and scattered, most of the photos were filthy, obviously the result of candid shots. In the photo, Tong Zhengbei, Hao Zhen, You Wenda, Zhao Zhaoping, Xu Yuanpei and other executives are naked and ugly, doing indescribable things with beautiful women.

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Also, Amanda's facial expression has undergone a major change. Previously, due to the great changes in her life and the accumulation of pain and hatred, Amanda was a cold and introverted woman who hated everything. But at this moment, Amanda has become like a frightened fawn, sensitive and innocent.
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Liu Xiaofei cried while shedding tears: "The third master Hao Yun ordered me to do this in order to control the media. I, I had no choice. Even Long Junyu was introduced to me by Hao Yun. I know what happened in the store last time." Some, it was Long Junyu who went to find the third master Hao Yun to stand up for him, and I couldn't stop it at that time... Woohoo!"
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"Sister Yan, I'm sorry!" Shangguan Zetian's eyes were already clouded with tears.
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Shangguan Zetian said worriedly: "Ji Zhonghao has been operating in Sioux City for so many years, I think this tiger is not easy to fight, right?"
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Chu Shaoyan said lightly: "Exactly. It doesn't matter if the abscess is squeezed out earlier, Liu Danyan, everyone must face themselves, is self-blasphemy shameful? Well, please quit from now on, I believe you can do it. In fact, as far as medicine is concerned, self-blasphemy is not a big deal!"
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However, Liu Churui smiled, but suddenly her whole body convulsed, and she fell to the ground, her legs and hands were cramping continuously, her eyes turned white, and foam was spitting out from the corners of her mouth!
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"I'm sorry, brother, I didn't sit still..." Yan Shuya said hastily.
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Luo Yun's pretty face contorted for a moment, but then he said coldly: "As long as my child is still on Earth, I believe Chu Shaoyan and I will find her! Dad, put down the gun, or I will go to the police station to sue her." You intend to hurt someone with a gun!"
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