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【franklin mortgage online payment 】 Just after walking to a cabin door, there was a soft "cha" sound suddenly, Chu Shaoyan's face darkened, and taking advantage of the moment the door opened a crack, he stretched out his hand like lightning, and hit him hard with a heavy and mighty kick. Out, a shadow screamed, flew out like a kite with a broken string, hit the cabin and bounced back! 。

"Of course!" Liu Danyan said confidently, "This is Huali Yage Hotel, and I am the new president of Huali Group. Nuo Xue, how many times have you eaten free food at Huali Yage Hotel?

"Give Liu Danyan 40% of the shares, I think it's because of love for her mother?" Chu Shaoyan sighed, "Liu Danyan is not from him, and may even be the child of those enemies, but Nangong Dong can treat her like this. , which gave me a little respect for him."

"Yes. Brother, I must find out the tail of this vixen!"

Nangong Chengyu was sobbing, Liu Danyan hurried over to support her, and both of them knelt down in front of Nangong Minghao's spirit.

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"Sister Mei, your figure almost caused Shaoyan to have a nosebleed!" Goddess Huading smiled and glanced at Chu Shaoyan.
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But what is the man of the rock? She had already been prepared for some people's tricks, but her footsteps suddenly gave way, so the little witch jumped into the water and fell directly into the water, splashing everywhere!
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As for the police in Dongjiang District, Chu Shaoyan contacted Ye Jinlin once, but the phone of Leng Yanhua was always turned off. In desperation, Chu Shaoyan went directly to Goddess Huading.
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The Scot took Chu Shaoyan into his office on the construction site, turned on the computer, and entered the design gallery through layers of passwords. He called up one of the giant design drawings and said: "Because the building is more than 500 meters high, it is in your Huaxia can be ranked, so we have pursued perfection in design. Of course, perfection does not exist, so it still has weaknesses.”
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However, both parties were dissatisfied when they got in touch with each other. The key to the dispute was the controlling stake: the U.S. side just wanted to use China’s capital and market to make itself bigger and stronger, and then return to the U.S. to seize the North American market; Huading’s side It is to exchange investment for technology to obtain the core competitiveness of the group.
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Wu Hongda sneered and said, "Li Yang, what you have done is doomed to failure! Isn't it a dead end to go against the party and the people?"
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"No, I'm not a slob!" Shangguan Zetian waved the pink rabbit away coquettishly, "I was very tired from working last night, Shaoyan, just let me sleep for a while, okay, just a minute..."
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"What's the matter with you?" Goddess Huading didn't know, she felt that the rock man was a little stiff, so she raised her head and asked softly.
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