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The man sneered, with a sneer on his face: "Since you all know that I am a member of an underground organization, you must also understand the rules there. Don't you think it is a waste of time to ask these unnutritious questions?"

When the thin man heard being praised by his boss, a glint of complacency flashed in his eyes. Indeed, as his boss said, his speed was in the same level and there were few opponents.

Fan Xiaoyu took Huang De's hand and smiled happily at Ling Heng, for fear that Ling Heng would not know the awesomeness of Lai's Group: "By the way, to remind you, this shopping mall is also owned by Lai's Group."

Reaching out his hand towards Zuoqiu, Ling Heng knew that he was reliable, so he must have found the phone.

Fang Zhengxiong glared at him, knowing that he was being tricked.

Ling Heng, you are the Warmaster, what are you thinking? !

Hubaolang and Hubaolang are brothers. Although they occasionally joked about it, when something happened, their three organizations were still on the same page.

While the young man was talking, his eyes still glanced at the woman's two fruits from time to time, and a trace of filth flashed across his expression.

Su Xueqi went to the bank today to ask him for a loan in order to alleviate the company's crisis.

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Wu Neng thought of Su Xueqi's alluring face, and his dirty mind became active again. .

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