loan option where you place a large sum of mone on mortage
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【loan for newly started business 】 The invincible domain force can be combined with others, Qu Jinghong's sword power combined with the invincible domain force becomes the invincible sword domain, and its power is greatly increased. 。

Su Ran concentrated on staring at the eight wind cranes, and found that there were no flaws.

Now, I also have advanced domain power!

"The back road, the back road." Before absorbing the essence of Gu, Su Ran began to mutter again.

It is best for the moon body and August Gu to transform together.

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Withdrew Jiuyue Jinxu, took Nanshanhou with him, and the two of them appeared directly in the main hall of the Houfu.
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Bei Gonghen and Su Ran walked out of the secret place slowly.
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If Su Ran goes all out to hurry, she can do it, but it's not necessary.
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At this moment, a strong wind suddenly exploded in the hall, and a white-haired old man suddenly came with the wind.
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The harvest is naturally many.
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Su Ran's release of the three-month body is naturally to prevent the disease from making some bad guesses about him. When the three-month body comes out, there is no doubt that it is an absolute "clone".
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Su Ran looked in the direction of Yiwang Fort. The time spent staying at the six-turn Moon Immortal was long enough, and it was time to go further.
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"Only restore the flesh?"
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