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【how does unpaid student loan affect economy 】 After doing all this, Chu Shaoyan quickly rummaged through Starscream's clothes, and found out the anesthetic that Starscream used to deal with Chu Shaoyan before! 。

When the others heard his words, they stopped shooting and chased after him.

Chu Shaoyan stopped Hua Zidie from continuing to abuse: "If you kill him now, it will be considered cheap for him. Hao Shengwen must be punished more severely and pay a heavy price for what he did."

"What kind of political country, you are talking nonsense!" Bai Zhenghua yelled with a sullen face, "No matter where you go, people will know that you are my daughter, Bai Zhenghua. The daughter of a dignified deputy governor is willing to be someone else's daughter." What kind of concubine, and she has no name and no role, how decent is it for you to talk about it yourself!"

Wang Qiang smiled slightly, then turned to look at Xiao Zhengnan.

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Thinking of this, Chu Shaoyan secretly thought that he was confused, and did not speak to the president Ye Tianhe first, and then Chu Shaoyan dialed Ye Tianhe's number with Abao's mobile phone.
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"Shut up!" Luo Feidike didn't save face for this guy who can control the wind and rain in the financial world: "Don't tell me those reasons! As a financial investment company that can influence the investment industry, our goal is not to Discover business opportunities, but create business opportunities! The stock market is very stable? Don’t you want to create turmoil?”
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"Yeah." Hearing what Mike said, Chu Shaoyan was basically sure that Ye Tianhe led the team to Nanxiong to attack Zhang Haohai. After thinking about it, he asked: "Mike, how is Vincent doing now? His injury Is it better?"
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"Boss Chu, I know that with your current status, there is no shortage of women." Seeing that Chu Shaoyan refused, Lin Zixin bit her lip and continued: "Maybe you don't like my body, but I believe there are still many men I will look at my body, I can still be useful to you, I think my brain is pretty smart, and I should be able to help you!"
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In the center of the hall, a huge dance floor was filled with all kinds of men and women. Under the stimulation of the music, those men and women twisted their bodies vigorously, as if they were venting the depression accumulated during the day in that way.
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Ye Jinlin was bringing tea, and she couldn't help pouted her mouth and said angrily: "Dad, you also imagined Chu Shaoyan too much, right? The police have found out that Jiang Zhihua has been taking drugs for more than 3 years. Could it be that 3 years? Can the former Chu Shaoyan force Jiang Zhihua to take drugs? Could it be that Chu Shaoyan was holding his arm when he slashed people?"
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For a while, the Sanlian hall became quiet again. Chu Shaoyan walked to the bed, looked at the moon hanging high in the sky, and couldn't help thinking, Toyotomi Maaya, are you really the moon in the water, the flower in the mirror, you can only admire it from afar but not own it? Despite our irreversible relationship?
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Han Xiang said in a daze, "Is it not broken? I don't believe it, so why don't I feel anything?"
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