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【where do you sign credit card 】 "Hello, I'm Shi Pinghu, who is it?" After the call was connected, Shi Pinghu's voice reached Chu Shaoyan's ears. 。

Just now, when the five killers boarded the boat, Chu Shaoyan thought that their targets were Toyotomi Masano and Toyotomi Maaya. However, when the five people cast their eyes on Chu Shaoyan, Chu Shaoyan realized that the goal of the five people was not Toyotomi Masano and Toyotomi Maaya, but himself; although this made him a little confused, he believed in his own judge.

And they are not big blocks, they know that once Mr. Jiang kills Ye Jinlong, he will control all the triple forces in the headquarters, which is enough to constitute a temptation! For them who have been dawdling in the arena since childhood, the death of their master and the betrayal of their allies made them very angry!

Yan Zhixing still had that unsmiling expression, and his mixed-race appearance was even deeper under the dim light. He inevitably noticed Shen Yao, his eyes paused for a second, and he continued to walk inside step by step.

Just when Chu Shaoyan and Ye Tianhe were about to worship for the third time, the originally bright and bright courtyard suddenly became dark, and almost all the lights suddenly went out at the same time!

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"At this time, do you really want to do something with me?" Starscream clung tightly to Chu Shaoyan's body, kissed Chu Shaoyan's ear lightly, but then unexpectedly bit him hard!
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Now all the Guam gangs running around and committing crimes in the Ryukyu Mansion have been killed by Sanlian, and the current mission of the Ryukyu Mansion in Dongying is basically over. After tonight, he can leave the Ryukyu Mansion of Dongying. At Abao's unanimous request, Chu Shaoyan agreed to take Abao with him when he went back to Treasure Island. However, Chu Shaoyan did not tell others about this news, because he knew that it was not time to inform.
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Just as Shen Yao was about to leave, she stopped when she heard this sentence.
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"Okay, Mr. Xu, you are not young anymore, and you understand why being angry can hurt your body. If you get angry and get sick, I will feel sorry for being a junior, don't you think so?" Ye Jinlong was very satisfied Taking the cigar handed by his subordinates, he took a puff and said, "I give you two choices, either call Tang Hu and the others immediately, and trick them into coming to the Sanlian clubhouse immediately! Or, I will have someone kill your beloved now." relatives!"
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From Lin Zixin's narration, Chu Shaoyan learned that Lin Zixin had been interested in gambling since he was a child, and later he worshiped a master and learned some gambling skills. Later, her master came to the Huangfeng Casino as the owner of the shop, while she stayed in the casino as a croupier.
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"Mr. Chu, you killed all these Guam boys..." Ah Bao asked in shock.
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"So serious?" Chu Shaoyan roughly understood Toyotomi Maaya's meaning, and had never thought of it being so serious before.
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Seeing Ye Ruoxi's terrified expression, Chu Shaoyan gently touched Ye Ruoxi's face and said, "General Cai Ba is here, I'll go out and pick him up, and he will be back soon."
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