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The little boy flew out and hit the wall, turning into a cloud of blue and white mist. ... is a loan to the business counted as a deduction

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She wants to make a break with the past. .

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Even if their divine sense is an inch closer, they will feel an unparalleled stinging pain, like being stabbed riddled with holes by a sharp sword! ...

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"I won't tell you anymore, that old man made us miserable, this time he must give an explanation!"

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Facing Li Zhong who was kneeling on the ground, An Ran stretched out a hand, grabbed the rusty iron pick, and said a few words lightly: "Your allegiance is worthless to me."

The words came to his lips, but only trembling remained.

At this point, An Ran finally confirmed one thing thoroughly——

A smile appeared on his face, and he took out a jade talisman to send out a message. Not long after, another figure appeared on the Zhaixing Tower.

Could it be that seeing that he lost his position as the young sect, he felt that he was no longer useful, so that he was thinking of killing him to silence him?

Although it has never been recognized by Xianliandongtian, this rumor is still prevalent among immortal cultivators.

On the other side, An Ran mobilized her Swordsman's Heavenly Eye in a speechless manner, bombarding the white-robed fairy.

After finally cultivating to the peak of Zhengsheng, who is willing to die easily under the catastrophe?

Although his physical strength is rapidly depleting, his mana is more active than ever!

"It's not really free yet, but as long as we follow him away, a hundred years later..." .

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"The celestial light has come so soon?" .

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