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【what bank is better for a small loan 】 Its body stopped in the air for a moment, and then fell to the ground fiercely, twitching violently! 。

The big man was a little worried when he saw Chu Shaoyan coming, so he didn't make a move for a while, but when he heard Ye Jinlong's order, he made another move without hesitation.

Now that Ye Jinlong's whereabouts are unknown, this is also a great potential threat! After all, apart from Mr. Jiang's own strength, more than half of the people in his hands are under the jurisdiction of Ye Jinlong. If Ye Jinlong came back, he would definitely give up the top spot.

"Be honest with me!" Zhang Haohai's subordinates were not jealous either, they immediately noticed Chu Shaoyan's actions, and all took out their guns and aimed at Chu Shaoyan.

Tang Hu threw the knife in a hurry, and he regretted it a little. He couldn't hold back his body for a while. Facing Chu Shaoyan's sudden kick, he didn't have enough defense, and he was kicked right on the wrist. The powerful force immediately made Tang Hu's wrist sink, and Tang Dao was released from his hand in an instant, and a burning feeling came from his wrist.

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The speaker was a middle-aged man in his thirties. Perhaps because of the good weather, he has a fat body and a pair of small and narrow mouse eyes.
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Her spirit was very good, when Chu Shaoyan woke up, he saw that she was still staring at him with her bright black eyes open. And the next day, she was still not tired at all, and followed him.
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"Are there any vacancies?" Chu Shaoyan asked.
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Chu Shaoyan took the box, opened it, and was stunned!
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If this spread, no one would believe it, but everything in front of him told Chu Shaoyan that it was all true, and Lin Zixin in front of him was a different kind. Chu Shaoyan can even predict that this girl will definitely be a nightmare for many men when she grows up!
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After hearing what Chu Shaoyan said, Gu Yue quickly squeezed in from the crowd without saying a word. He quickly walked up to Gu Bing, first smiled and said something to the policeman, then pointed to Gu Bing in the direction of Chu Shaoyan and whispered: "Mr. Handle."
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"What's the matter?" At this moment, Chen Zhiyuan looked a little nervous, and the previous relaxed expression had long since disappeared without a trace. As the mayor of Haigang City, if he did not entertain Toyotomi Maaya, the political leader of Ryukyu Prefecture, and failed to attract investment from Dongying Company, then Chen Zhiyuan, the mayor, would have a great responsibility. Such a thing is obviously not allowed to Chen Zhiyuan, who only wants to benefit the citizens of the harbor.
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Maaya looked at Chu Shaoyan with a half-smile, then bowed again to say goodbye.
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