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When the competition was over and the sky was getting dark, there was no doubt that Yan Fou and the others lost, but the loss was very happy. Similarly, the people of the tribe were also very excited, especially the old patriarch who came back from the public land was even more excited Twist your thighs straight! ... how does mortgage loan interest affect payment

test. how to become a mortgage loan originator in georgia Danzhu was furious: "You don't even ask about my carpentry skills, but you dare to come here to provoke me!" ….

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So all the world obeyed, and Emperor Yao took the throne. Since he was 20 years old, he ordered Xihe's family to balance the four-hour calendar, and the abbot built the observatory. In the fifth year, he patrolled Siyue. , In the twelfth year, the Quartet was conquered, in the sixteenth year, the canal was broken and the canal was searched, and in the nineteenth year, the river was controlled by Gong Gong, until the twenty-ninth year! .

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When I said this, I was questioning, but Yufu thought, I didn’t want to talk at first, but if you make up your own mind, if you lose face, it can’t be said to be my problem, at least Chongbo wants to blame me , it’s not easy to say anything. ...

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And Yan Fou took a deep breath here, facing the big ax swung by Yan Zai, Yan Fou's spear stepped forward, and at this moment, the spear ignited with flames!

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Some tribal wizards prevaricated and muttered about this matter, anyway, they said they don't want to go.

In this era, until the Spring and Autumn period, from the tribal people to the people of the country, the right to speak, from the tribe to the state, has great energy. Because King Xia despised the people, he gave Shang Tang the power to win the hearts of the people. Chance.

"Xu Ao has destroyed the country!"

"Actually, you don't need to give it away. Didn't the emperor already feel that many things are because the emperor's ideas are wrong? Danzhu used to be a carpenter and was rejected by the emperor, but now all the new farming methods created by Qi are based on Danzhu. It was born from the carpentry tools learned in the south. When there is more food, the population will increase, and there will be no fear of natural disasters..."

Yan Zai looked at everyone seriously!

Not to mention, the stone slabs and bonfires that can be seen everywhere, for a while, the place even became full of people's voices, and it seemed that in a short period of time, it became the largest weapon production place in the entire south...

"The south...is..."

"Yes, have you heard of sauce and soy milk?"

"Great load, look forward to years!"

The people of the Akakata Clan said all kinds of "ridiculous" things, but in fact they were buying time. After all, the wizard said that some people who tear up votes, the more they like others to stop him, the more he will make progress. .

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The sound spread out along the wind, not only echoed on the river, but also passed to the opposite side. Ao Dang and Xu Cang were slightly taken aback, and then they both burst into laughter. .

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