how to get a commercial loan
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【how to dispute credit card transaction 】 Continue to blend in. 。

Heaven Listening Earth Present Gu has reached the pinnacle of first rank.


And he, because he didn't borrow any spirit Gu to enter Kuifangtang, now he can freely choose one of the four passages to travel through.

He remembered that when passing through the Flowing Stone Wall, he only felt that it was dark, and then a thunder light came from the void and slammed at him. Because of his extremely fast speed, the thunder light did not hit him, only a little numbness passed through his body, making him The brain was in chaos for a while, and the memory became blurred.

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"Yunxi Pavilion is an area dedicated to placing fifth-grade Gu arts. The top-level fifth-grade Gu arts you want are here." Elder Xi guided Su Ran to a certain place in the pavilion, and pointed to an area. .
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In his own territory, he quietly cooperates with the foreign Wangu building to explore the inheritance place, isn't it just to prevent the news of the appearance of the bucket from spreading to the ears of other powerful forces, so as to monopolize the opportunity of the immortal.
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After all, what all the major forces know on the surface is that a Dou Zhuanpan was born and was taken by a certain casual cultivator, and the others do not know.
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Lin Haiyou smiled back: "Heh, don't you also do the same?"
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Ninth Grade Mythical Gu, I finally got it!
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Then, the light and shadow immediately turned into Ouyang Qi's appearance.
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Six seventh-rank Gu can mutate one eighth-rank Gu.
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Inheritance is probably true.
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