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Shao Lezheng chuckled: "It doesn't need to be so troublesome, you and I will do our best, how about it?" ...

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After this sparring session, Qian Shan felt that he was going to collapse, so he sat on the side and threw the protective gear aside, and lay down on the ground panting.

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"Hey, you don't understand now. This will allow Sun Hongsheng to consume his energy faster. Otherwise, it will be difficult for Qian Shan to fight back. After all, his body skills are not as good as his opponent." Cheng Fighting explained.

"Drink." Zhao Feifei took a cup and handed it over.

Hearing that Qian Shan started talking nonsense again, three black lines appeared on Chen Kaifeng's forehead, "It's worth it, fifteen thousand, think about it!"

Everyone looked outside the training ground, only to see Kong Dahu striding in wearing a big vest and shorts, with a Band-Aid stuck to the corner of his eye, his face full of displeasure.

Qian Shan succeeded in one blow, and due to the impact, he rushed forward two steps unsteadily.

The little witch glanced shyly at the rock man, and shoved her shyly.

"Thousands of mountains?" Pang Dongyan asked suspiciously, "Thousands of mountains where the birds fly away?"


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It didn't take a while for the medicinal materials to return to their place. .

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