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Therefore, the Divine Mother probably knows less about Utopia than An Ran. .

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"Plow the land, plow the land!" ...

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But the words are not absolute. After all, these scorpions are all strange beasts. Although they have no attack power, it does not mean that they are not easy to use.

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"These are tokens, these are really tokens!"

"Damn it, why—"

The distribution of fish in Zeshui must be weak to strong from the outside to the inside, and there are only a few purple snails in the outermost part of Yanzhize. The old patriarch once told him not to get too close to the inner area of Zeshui, but Yu Shu did not Disapproval.

"Look at this snail, it's big and sharp..."

An Ran thought for a long time before finding a more accurate description.

Yan Zai's heart sank, and at the same time, her beautiful brows frowned.

Originally, there was holy light and magic fire in his pupils.

It turned its back to the tribe's shed, raised and lowered its ears, and shook twice.

This name used to be the name of a hero in the hearts of all children.

He was really puzzled. .

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"Now, you think that your strength is enough, so you finally walked out of the ruins that sheltered you, and tried to explore the outside world!" .

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