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Shen Yao took back the remaining pheromone, leaving only a piece of cool air. .

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"Sister Yun, be gentle!" Jinghua rolled her eyes resentfully, then stretched out her intact left hand and pushed on the rock man's shoulder: "Captain Chu, Shaoyan! Wake up!" ...

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He heard everything, what happened to Shen Yao in the past, what Yan Zhixing and Guan Shu did to Shen Yao.

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The old doctor frowned slightly, pondered for a moment and said: "This gentleman definitely cannot call it a coma, but a sleep, a deep sleep. Maybe it's because of some aspect of the body or a certain part of the head that cannot be detected by current means. Dark wounds. I have also come into contact with some patients with narcolepsy before, and most of those patients have brain damage or defects..."

Probably because Xu Yibai's movements were too gentle, this mark lasted for a long time. When it was over, Shen Yao had collapsed into Xu Yibai's arms limply.

He suddenly calmed down, and fully aware of what he had just done, Yan Zhixing walked towards the bathroom.

Xu Yibai doesn't think he can perform on stage in his recent state, he will screw everything up. He didn't speak, and listened quietly to the accusations.

Kissing skills are so poor, there is no pleasure when kissing, and I don't know what he is confused about.

He fell helplessly into Xu Yibai's arms behind him, begging for mercy unconsciously, and didn't even know what he said. .

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Yan Zhixing doesn't trust anyone easily, but today he briefly believed in Shen Yao's words of liking, and he thought those words were true. .

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