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Su Ran actually got twenty-seven copies. .

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Ouyang Qihu is at the side, mainly due to the existence of Dou Zhuan Xing Yi Gu, who can lead Beigong Qingshan to escape.

What if the three Gu are combined into one?

The four first-class princes who were originally attached to King Yuyi were also a great hidden danger. If something happened to the king in the future, they would definitely not be alone.

"Master Hou, there was no great war in Lihai City, so Lihaihou should not have fought against Suhou, and the enshrining of Lihaihou's mansion did not take any action. Suhou might use the background of the Seventh Prince to force Lihaihou, Marquis Li Hai didn't want to offend the Seventh Prince, so Marquis Su took advantage of it." An old priest replied.

Su Ran didn't reply, just pinching Hushanhou's natal Gu, the strength was gradually increasing, and a few cracks began to appear on the back of the natal Gu...

In the royal city, several figures flew out, all of them were peripheral disciples of August Immortal.

Similar Domain Gu will be encountered again in the future, so don't be complacent!

There were only two Gu Immortals participating in the Underground Formation, and their strength may not be stronger than him. It is reasonable for Illusory Immortal Gu to pass through.

Although Su Ran had a 50/50 fight with Marquis Qianshan, but a Rank 5 Gu Immortal who was born in the Immortal Palace and had a mentor from a Master Immortal would not be weaker than Marquis Qianshan, only stronger.

Su Ran was startled and stepped back. .

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But that is the essence of Gu! .

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