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【lowest interest small business bank loan 】 saw the gigantic giant bear standing up with its back paws, its nearly eight-meter-long body feeling full of oppression, and the moment the night vision light beam swept the bear's face, Xie Yi, who was close, could clearly see that it was drooling from its mouth. salivating fangs— 。

"Give me one."

Speaking of the entertainment company, Song Jing suddenly remembered something;

After Qin Mo's voice fell, Xu Laizheng's eyes lit up. He never thought that Qin Mo would inquire about the cooperation case in person. Naturally, he agreed repeatedly. Qin Mo didn't sit for a while, and the presidents of the major business divisions next to him eagerly came over. They were all people who had been with Qin Mo for many years, and he knew what their plans were with his eyes closed. He leaned on the sofa and casually glanced at the people around him;

Qin Bo didn't expect that Song Jing would actually call Qin Mo up, but seeing his frightening white face, he felt happy in his heart, but he didn't dare to show it at all;

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Zhao Yu shook his head and immediately pressed a shortcut key. Within a minute, someone came in from outside. The man seemed to be about the same age as Jiang Chuyin. He immediately put on an oxygen mask for Jiang Chuyin, rubbed his hands on his heart, and put his hands on the bed. The person held Zhao Yu's hand weakly, coughing and coughing unexpectedly brought out pale pink blood foam, which stained the oxygen mask red, and his thin body was like a floating leaf, as if he was about to dissipate if he couldn't catch him.
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Ye Zuoyou also noticed something was wrong, and immediately looked forward——
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Xia Lei knew that his customs clearance this time was just a fluke, so he didn't dare to push forward any further, and planned to find a safe place nearby to settle down tonight.
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If you have a particularly favorite stalk, you can write it in the comment area. If you can write it, I will implement it as appropriate;
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After 10,000 years of recuperation, many trees on the earth have not been destroyed by human beings, and they have grown extraordinarily thick, which also makes this forest a little more quiet and quiet.
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Qin Mo doesn't really agree with Song Jing's use of such a method in the company to suppress the subordinates. After all, it only treats the symptoms but not the root cause, but he believes that Song Jing naturally has his own considerations. He will not fail to realize this. Since he let go, he will not let him Make a marionette, after reading it;
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When Qin Mo went out from here, he looked at the people queuing up continuously behind him, and he stood there for a long time without moving;
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Qin Mo's aura doesn't need to be deliberately revealed at all. He can overwhelm everyone as long as he sits there. He is the core of the Qin family, and no one can replace him. Qin Bo had many plans before, even himself. He didn't think there was anything terrible about Qin Mo, but every time he faced each other, he didn't dare to look directly into those eyes. This kind of reaction annoyed him and deepened his dissatisfaction with Qin Mo, but he didn't dare to show it on his face. ;
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