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When everyone was thinking about Su Ran's reason, someone suddenly said: "No, Su Ran's domain power is not right, the domain power he used to wipe out the body of a Rank 2 Gu Immortal just now is wrong!" ... how much should you spend on mortgage a month

test. mortgage credit certificate number However, Yue Nuer always cared about his safety, which made him have a good impression of Yue Nuer. ….

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"No, it's not an easy task to break through the fourth turn. Forget it, let's take the immortal weapon for the son... for the Lord Marquis." .

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"Su Gongfeng, look..." Bei Gonghen looked at Su Ran, the only one he could rely on now was Su Ran. ...

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Qu Jinghong's change made several people a little confused.

Mimi shot with two fingers, and a Domain Gu landed in Su Ran's hand.

All that was exposed outside was a cold sword with no front.

Su Ran let out a long sigh in his heart, he practiced the True Yang Sutra, there was nine months, and the eight trigrams moon was opposite to the eight moon fairy.

The improvement of Yu Shaqiang's power of true poison is not fixed, the stronger the power of true poison, the more it will be improved.

Ouyang Qi sighed, he always felt that Su Ran was a little short, but even if he was only a little short, there was no hope of becoming a fairy.

Yue Nuer was blown away by Chang Qingzi's punch.

One combined Gu secret method requires two Immortal Gu, he is only one of the descendants, not the first descendant, so he does not have so much authority to use Immortal Gu.

Bull beard and yellow beard are rank one Gu Immortals, they don't know how to combine Gu secrets, in actual combat, they can only rely on pure domain power.

"What!" The eldest son's face changed, "Qu Jinghong is from Qian Shanhou! Doesn't Qian Shanhou know that Qu Jinghong is wanted by the Immortal Dynasty?" .

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As the moon body began to brew, Su Ran waited with peace of mind. .

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