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He had a triumphant smile on his face. Unlike Mr. Xu, Mr. Jiang was very ambitious despite his age. Ever since Chu Shaoyan had a conflict with his nephew in the Sanlian Association's entertainment city last time, he had joined hands with Ye Jinlong in private. All along, he has secretly supported Ye Jinlong in seizing power. Now that Ye Jinlong is so angry that he has started to betray President Ye, how can he be unhappy as the instigator? ... how to join a credit union and secured personal loan with bad credit

test. how to get a mortgage through an llc The Miao Pai Medical Center is not far from here, and it only took less than ten minutes to drive. There are many small cars parked in front of the medical center, and there is an endless stream of people coming to see the doctor. Yan took Guan Nuoxue into the medical clinic. As Guan Nuoxue said before, the medical clinic was indeed very busy. ….

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Snapped! The next second, the door was closed tightly, and Liu Mingjie's voice came from inside: "Mom, you and sister hold on for a while, I'll call the police to save you immediately"" Chen Yuzhen was dumbfounded. .

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Tang Yuxin recognized this woman at a glance, Liu Rumeng! She had made a fuss in the hospital before, and her colleagues took a video of her. At that time, Tang Yuxin asked her colleagues for the video and planned to give it to Ye Qiu, but Ye Qiu didn't want it. ...

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The corners of Liu Rumeng's mouth were still bruised, and she hurried over with her fake LV bag, with a worried look on her face.

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Yan Mengjia curled her lips: "Okay then, hurry up."

"Damn it!" Zhang Kaixuan cursed secretly, and then told David Hua what happened just now.

"Yes." Ye Qiu nodded blankly, what else could he say?

After saying all this, Chu Shaoyan suppressed the desire to kill Jiang Dahai in his heart, then dialed Mike's phone and said, "Mike, come to the hall, I have a task for you to do."

"Such a luxury car can actually drive into a shanty town!"

"You woman is ridiculous."

Listening to the voice, Li Xiangxiang felt that all the money was calling to her, and her heart was suddenly intoxicated.

Unknowingly, the car had arrived at Sanlian Manor, and Maaya Toyotomi, the governor of the Ryukyu Prefecture, had a very fixed schedule, usually getting up on time at six o'clock every morning.

Guan Nuoxue didn't know the grievances between the two of them. Seeing Ye Jinlong and the others looking fierce, she couldn't help asking, "Chu Shaoyan, what's wrong with you?"

Ye Ruoxi's expression fell into Ye Tianhe's eyes completely, and he became more determined to make an important decision in his heart. He smiled and nodded to Chu Shaoyan and said, "Shaoyan, you can stand beside me." .

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Hearing this heart-piercing cry, Ye Qiu's heart softened completely, and he got up and walked into the kitchen. .

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