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Jiang Li remembered that Hei Lian said that this secret method is also a secret that is not passed on among demons. Whoever has the secret method is equivalent to practicing faster than others. ... how can i get a small loan

test. small loan consolidation Even the jade ground protected by formations made a crunching sound like being overwhelmed by being stepped on. Obviously this armor is too heavy! ….

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Everyone looked at Jiang Li happily, with extremely anticipation in their eyes. .

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Resentment 150 ...

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Brother Hu was speechless for a while, and wailed in his heart: "I am a decent person, okay? I will save you, and you hide behind the bad guys? What kind of world is this damn!"

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Then Jiang Li punched one after another, like a machine gun, piercing through the fists as big as two houses, blasting towards the sky. A series of punches lifted into the sky like money, like a real dragon made of fists reaching the sky!

Everyone looked at Jiang Li...

Jiang Li hurriedly checked his resentment, the value did not change, but Chaos Scythe sent back a message that the value of resentment he consumed every day increased by a hundred times!

Sun Changhe didn't follow Jiang Li, but rushed out of Sun's house while everyone was not paying attention...

Jiang Li's fist was powerful, and Fenghuo Yasheng, as a saint, had many secret arts about the way of wind, and he played one after another with supernatural powers.

Although Jiang Li was strong, they didn't believe that Jiang Li could be stronger than Sun Changhe who was wearing the Golden Armor?

It was Yu Luocha who made another attack. No one saw how Yu Luocha made the attack, because all the attention was on Jiang Li. The silver crossbow arrow arrived in an instant, and shot directly at Jiang Li's eyeball... It can be said that this arrow was extremely tricky, vicious, and vicious.

Even not long ago, the Macedonian Empire went all the way south and opened the gate of South Africa...

The man smiled wryly and shook his head, "My lord, this is the home of a lowly god. Even if he's not at home, no one would dare to enter without permission..."

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