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The patient's face was pale, and he asked puzzledly, "Is this useful?" ... doors interest free finance

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Therefore, to increase salt production, of course, Great Salt Mountain has already agreed to open rock salt, so production is also very simple. The important thing is to mine the mother mine. After all, so many people go up, and the owner of the mountain is very empty. .

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But there seems to be something wrong, forget it. ...

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Just wandering around like this, I don't know how long it took, and finally saw the big river. Coincidentally, the rescue work of the Chong family was also nearing completion.

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That year, the old wizard turned into light! Blind the eyes of the Longdi clan wizard!

Under the pressure of life, for the morale of the tribe, he will take the lead in charging!


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"The Jufang family was extolled and added as the Emperor of the Three Emperors. He was the most noble of the Three Emperors, but we must not forget the sufferings of the people in the Wang Huo era, and the tragic migration of people in the Yue Jian era..."

To be able to talk to oneself in a dream, and think about the mysteries of the world, this is not something that ordinary people can dream of!

Xu Ao's warship suddenly became a mess!

Beimencheng nodded with a smile.

Beimen Chengdao: "During the time of the Yellow Emperor, this object was made by Lishou, but at that time, due to some problems, it was finally discarded because it was impossible to accurately measure the weight of the object... Your balance is different from that of the Yellow Emperor. What's the difference?"

Cang Shu, Kai Kai, Ji Ji, Da Lin, Long Jiang, Ting Jian, Zhong Rong, Shu Da. .

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"Huozheng, is the big boss telling us to evacuate?" .

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