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So everyone turned their attention to Gao Jun, the last member of the Standing Committee. Gao Jun smiled faintly and raised his hand: "I agree with Secretary Luo's opinion." ... what are the two categories of mortgage fraud

test. how much mortgage can i afford first time buyer The light in Wen Zhengming's eyes flickered slightly, and he nodded knowingly and smiled: "Now that I know the rest of the game, what should I do in the future, and what else will I do." ….

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Liu Churui's face changed slightly, she turned her head and said with a sneer: "Fatty man. Do you believe that I'm pouring water into your cell now, and then plugging the wires into the water?" .

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Chu Shaoyan nodded, and said lightly: "Thank you, old man. Excuse me, are they trading now?" ...

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"You dare to hit me? I want your whole family to die!" Lu Liyun couldn't believe her eyes, her eyes burst out with raging anger, she got up and rushed over to desperately, but the fireman picked up the fire hydrant and sprayed at her , Spraying the femme fatale until she stood up and fell down, rolling on the ground endlessly.

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Having said that, Chu Shaoyan felt the disappointment of the other party in his voice, but he was powerless, anyway, he could not give this promise, because he had long since lost his freedom

Five minutes later, Zidie pushed open the door, Chu Shaoyan saw it, his eyes straightened.

Yuan Jiyu glanced at him, and continued: "In May of the year before last, Bingbing married someone in the circle. That boy is the eldest son of Wang Gang, deputy secretary of the Jinling Municipal Party Committee, and his name is Wang Jiaxiang. He worked as a policy research office in the Yangcheng Municipal Committee Office Deputy Director. It's really annoying, just the Sesame Mung Bean Officer, who is awesome all day long, and keeps his head high in front of me..."

"Lihong!" Li Hongbing stared at Shu Lihong, "Please respect Secretary Sibo, he is an old comrade, even our superior at the administrative level!"

Chu Shaoyan deliberately said with a straight face: "Hey, ladies, why don't you say thank you when you accept gifts from others? It's too rude!"

This photo was taken quite successfully, showing Chu Shaoyan's sternness and bright handsomeness to the fullest. After the little nurse Yuzi returned to China, she enlarged the print and framed it and hung it in her boudoir. Unexpectedly, three months later, when one of her noble relatives came to her boudoir and saw this photo, she became so interested in the man in the photo that it brought Chu Shaoyan a troubled relationship... This is a funeral, an episode accident...

Luo Yun smiled miserably and said: "Sure enough, good things don't go out, and evil things go thousands of miles. The daughter of the Luo family, Luo Yun, who is known as the most famous lady in Hangzhou, Jiangbei, got pregnant before marriage, and the family style of the Luo family was humiliated by me. Huh! "As she spoke, she couldn't help covering her face and sobbing mournfully.

When the sky was getting dark and the sun was about to set, the crowd finally passed through a dense forest under the leadership of Chu Shaoyan. This forest has the charm of a primitive forest. The pine needles in the forest are more than one foot thick, the ancient trees are dense, and there are many small animals. However, its scale is too small, but only five or six kilometers have been crossed.

Chu Shaoyan was slightly startled, and looked at her. Although Zidie seemed calm at this time, her heart was beating extremely violently, and Xuenen's cheeks were slightly rosy, and she was as beautiful as an angel.

"Is she? Commander Shu, my friend is pure by nature and doesn't like to see people." .

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Shangguan Zetian almost laughed violently, barely covered his small mouth, swallowed for a long time before holding back his laughter and said: "It can be considered that you have self-knowledge. However, there is still a difference between you and a stallion. A stallion is seeing a beautiful woman. If you can't chase, you have to chase after it. If you can't chase, you have to chase after the conditions. You can, in reverse, you belong to the kind of man who is very lucky and unstoppable, hehe!" .

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