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"If you really can't eat it, don't eat it. I'll press it for you later to see if it feels better." ... if you make an extra principal payment every month on a 15 year mortgage how long to pay it off

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It's just that the movement on the bed was not quite right after the eyes were closed. Suddenly there was some heavy breathing in the quiet room. He was hit by something just as he was about to get up. It was indeed the remote control, and he got up quickly. He thought Qin Mo had leg cramps again, but when he got up, he realized something was wrong. Qin Mo pressed his hand to his heart, and his face was covered with cold sweat; .

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"Well, this little guy is awake too." ...

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Hot tears penetrated through the material of the clothes and went straight into the atrium, and the hand tightly intertwined with Su Nian suddenly moved.

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saw that the golden light barrier that originally enveloped the sky above the Ten Thousand Demons Nest shattered in response, and the shattered golden light turned into countless golden flashes that were visible to the naked eye, pouring down from the sky like meteors. , finally became clear and translucent, and the white moonlight instantly filled this blood fog that had been dark for thousands of years.

Zhou Yu didn't talk to him politely either, he just went to the opposite side of the desk and pulled a chair to sit down;

"Mr. Song, isn't this included in the initial cooperation conditions?"

"Very delicate."

"Several companies need some news from my side, and Huang Yangqing's action should be recent."

Qin Mo opened his eyelids and looked at him. He really didn't have much strength in his body, and his voice was a little hoarse, but his mood was still a little unstable when he mentioned this matter;

"The person you trust the most? The person you trust the most may not necessarily be your person."

Qin Mo endured the nausea that surged up in waves, and seeing his righteous appearance became even more uncomfortable. He propped himself up a bit and was about to speak when a cloud of black mist rose in front of him. He hurriedly raised his hand and grabbed the edge of the bed in a panic. He grabbed the armrest, but grabbed an empty space, his heart beat suddenly a little faster, and there was a strength in the darkness to support him under his arm;

"It's fair to say Mr. Song has the spirit of contract."

After putting down the phone, Liao Qingbo looked up; .

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"I asked Mama Zhang to make some vegetable porridge just now. Would you like to try some?" .

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