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Those canals are the main force that really channeled the flood. ... small loan to women in other countires

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The name of the bamboo slips is called "Eight Winds". .

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Tu Qing didn't think there would be anyone in the south who was recognized by the sun totem, although there was one a long time ago, but that was the Yandi clan's own business. ...

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Really, the first intact totem warrior was born, and the power of the sun totem is beyond imagination. If it is a totem priest in the past, even if it is the first to be born, with the powerful state of "the first BUFF", it will not Maybe he will reach the pinnacle of young warriors all at once!

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"As long as there are rapeseed flowers, when they are old enough, oil can be pressed, and plants and trees can also be used to make oil, which greatly increases the yield of oil, instead of being limited to frying and boiling. This equipment is popularized and will benefit the world! There are rural cooperatives in the south. Among them, 800 mu of public land is full of golden rapeseed flowers."

Then, everyone built Nanqiu, ushering in the era of revival.

As the sun was setting, the lamb was bouncing around, trotting all the way back to the tribe with contempt and arrogance.

Ji Yuan, Ji Bu and the others didn't understand, and felt terrible and a big problem at the same time.

"Didn't you go to the Central Plains, did you find someone who can control the water?"

It's raining heavily!

After Yan Zai finished drawing the map, I got a general understanding that the Fire Country, the Biyi Wilderness, and the Chishui Bank are all within a horizontal elliptical circle. Dong, was kicked out of this ellipse, that's why he felt that the location of Yumin Kingdom was out of place with other regions.

In the late Paleolithic Age, some tribes already knew how to dye clothes, using hematite powder.

So, after a few days, Chonghua helped Elephant pack up the supplies for going south, and three people stopped here at the wilderness mouth near Lishan, waiting for them to come.

Ivory is very valuable no matter what era it is. In today's years, although the value cannot be the same as that of later generations, or even worse than that of the Warring States Period, compared with things like coral, ivory proves the bravery of hunters. Things like elephants , and cannot be captured easily. .

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Things like Wubao can be regarded as primitive bunkers. Of course, it can be called a fortress, but compared with the fortresses of the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods, they are much smaller. A model of Taowubao was unearthed from the Han Dynasty Tomb. The teacher of my archaeological teammate, once participated in the excavation. .

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