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Ren Simao's old face, which looked like dried orange peel, suddenly turned into a maroon purple color, and his neck became thicker. He took a few hard breaths, coughed a few times and stamped his feet before walking away.

According to Wu Tianhao, although the scale of the Hero Club is small, after he joined the club two months ago, the introduction of militarized management has achieved initial results, and the combat effectiveness is considerable. Moreover, after brainwashing through various methods, the loyalty of the members is even higher. First-class, definitely not comparable to ordinary clubs and gangs.

hit the road? The two were shocked and screamed, but Chu Shaoyan had already walked out with a wave of his hand.

I remember the night when I came back from Europe, Goddess Huading said meaningfully: "Shaoyan, I hope I don't have to wait so long..."

But as soon as she met Tan Yahui, she lost her appetite. That guy's lecherous eyes almost made her fly over and kick him against the south wall!


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