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It was Jiang Li's critical moment, which activated the instinct of being unable to stop the car when he was riding a bicycle when he was a child. He stomped his foot in an instant, stepped through the chassis of the car, and stopped the car abruptly with the foot brake. .

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However, by chance, Mr. Albert discovered his secret, and he turned out to be a devil! ...

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Since ancient times, Dongdu has always been visited by tourists from afar. When guests come, the host will treat them well.

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Changsun Bao looked at the terrifying big face on the TV, then thought about Jiang Li and Hei Lian, and finally sighed: "Are you hungry after watching this, who are these two guys!"

Look at him again, the teacher is almost calling him dad...

As the dragon gun is danced, violent power is injected into the dragon gun!

With a cry of surprise, Hu was directly pulled away by the God of the Guardian, and at the same time, an iron fist hit him head-on!

"My old man cried, but you put on your pants and ran away. Are you still a human?"

The sand sculpture was puzzled and said: "It's in the sun every day, by the way, why do you always let me bask in the sun?"

Then I heard Jiang Li say: "Then just take a look."

So, I have to find something for them to do, for example, let them find a reason to fight, preferably both of them, and then we will reap the benefits! "

"He really didn't die! Hahaha..."

But then people heard a roar, the sound was like rolling thunder... But the sound was extremely weird, it turned out to be a loud noise in the ear first, and then the loud noise continued, but just listening to the sound, It seemed that the sound was getting farther and farther away. .

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Jiang Li glanced at the Chaos Sickle in his body again, Jiang Li was shocked to find that the Chaos Sickle had changed slightly! There is a touch of brilliance and charm on the sickle... However, the specific function seems to be just a statistical tool for Jiang Li to see the value of resentment. .

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