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【is a mortgage secured or unsecured 】 "Don't do this..." she whispered, her little head turned away. 。

A shameless person who exterminates human relations? Chu Shaoyan's eyes narrowed again. This Nangong Chengfeng is very pornographic and violent, and has a lot of stories! Let’s imagine that Zhang Yuxiang has never shown up. Could it be that there is some kind of unethical love between them?

Cheng Junzhi and his party hurriedly felt that Jinshan District had a clean coal power plant owned by an energy company affiliated to Holley Group. However, misfortune befell him again. About three kilometers away from the power plant, several huge trucks transporting coal overturned in front of his convoy. The entire road was covered by hundreds of tons of coal and completely cut off!

"Especially the smell on your body, I really like to smell it, especially...uh huh, and when you're sweating..."

"Understood." Takeuchi Koji immediately raised his hand and shouted in English: "Stand back ten meters, the first five groups shoot, the target: snowman, ten bullets per person. The rest of the people are guarding near the sled car, leaving one person in each car Guard inside the car!"

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A look of admiration flashed in Zi Die's eyes, obviously admiring the rock man's calmness, and then looked at Lan Die next to him: "Sister, I mean that the Die Gang follows Master Chu's lead in everything, what do you think?"
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At this moment, Chu Shaoyan is no longer a human being, but a beast. People can control their own desires, but once they get out of control under special circumstances, they will become beasts and no longer have any human instincts.
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Dugu Linfeng, Lan Zude, the executive vice president of Guanghua Group, and Dai Ziyang, the general manager of the shipping company, ran up to the old thief of Dugu's family in a panic, trembling all over: "Old man, if we don't take action again, we...we can't stand it!" Already!"
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Just after turning a corner, the rock man stopped, and then gently embraced Shangguan Zetian. Shangguan Zetian poked his head inexplicably, and immediately screamed in fright. However, the cry was silenced by the rock man who had been prepared for a long time, and the rock man whispered in her ear: "It is hibernating, don't wake it up!"
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"Okay... What a big kid!" The female shopkeeper held the nineteen stacks of red bills, staring at the stars.
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At this time, Fatty An Linshan and Jin Shangbang brought all the members of the 'Golden Dragon Gang' from the tunnel to a certain building on another street, but the group of people brought a few gangsters with them.
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"Chu Shaoyan, don't quibble! The witnesses you mentioned can't prove that you didn't leave Shangguan Villa that night, let alone that you didn't have time to commit the crime!"
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"Zetian, we are so destined to meet you in Alaska thousands of miles away!" Nie Shengyun and Shangguan Zetian hugged each other, and then stretched out their snow-white hands to Chu Shaoyan: "Mr. , you have to protect my little sister Zetian?"
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