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The car stopped, and Mr. Jiang got out of the car. Remembering that when he passed through the club just now, he saw Ye Jinlong's subordinates. Mr. Jiang couldn't help but frowned and said, "Tao'er, why are your people missing today?" Come to the club?" ... what will i need to get a small business loan

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The guard gave a wink, and the surrounding people immediately blocked Zhang Chao's escape route. The guards did this to prevent Zhang Chao from escaping. .

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Sheng Hui patted Song Ga on the shoulder. ...

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"It seems to be a coincidence. It's bad luck. I thought that this exercise would not even see the shadow of the Red Army."

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The next moment he saw an unbelievable scene. Less than five meters away from him, Toyotomi Maaya and Liang Wanruo, two beauties with perfect body proportions, outstanding looks and noble temperament, each held a Candied haws, and... Toyotomi Maaya is asking a middle-aged woman who speaks the southern Hokkien dialect the price of Chaos in Mandarin! Liang Wanruo, on the other hand, pointed at the steaming steamed buns and said something excitedly.

Although it is necessary to form a seven-member team, no matter how suitable it is, if they fail the training, they will be eliminated, and there is no other way to go.

"I have always believed that it is a serious waste of special operations soldiers to be used as ordinary soldiers, which will only waste military expenses."

Maybe this person's strength is higher than those who were eliminated before, but in the eyes of Zhang Weiguo and the others, this person is really not as good as the previous few people.

Wang Sanpang saw that everyone else was wearing the training uniforms issued earlier.

Wanting to come here, Wang Sanpang was a little anxious.

But who knew that Wang Sanpang actually found it, and mixed in, almost beheading Shi Guozhang.

Zhao Jun directly scattered the quilt that Wang Sanpang was so proud of, and signaled Wang Sanpang to fold it again.


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"That's right, I'm also from the Sh Mechanical Academy!" .

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