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【how mortgage works 】 Afterwards, the murder of the president of the Sanlian was spread by those who wanted to. Not only did it cause a huge sensation in the Dao society, but it also caused quite a stir in the Bai Dao! Especially for the big shots who just attended the Sanlian Christmas party a few days ago. 。

When Dong Junmao asked him to practice as a sparring partner, Qian Shan basically refused without thinking about it, but when he heard the price and time of sparring training given by Dong Junmao, his heart moved. Money, for him now He said that he couldn't refuse, and he made 2,000 in just ten minutes. He was sure, if there was still, he would still dare to accept it! Even if the opponent is Kong Dahu.

Ever since Ye Jinlong disappeared, they had been looking for Ye Jinlong's whereabouts almost every day. At that time, they never expected that the young master Ye Jinlong would die in the hands of his own Jiang Dahai!

Lu Lingyou looked at the embarrassment on Chu Shaoyan's face, and couldn't help but chuckled and said, "Brother Chu, aren't you used to dealing with me, Senior Sister Watanabe Jingyi? I was the same at first, but later I realized that she is a girl." , is no different from us. Brother, do you know? Jingyi had an operation, and it wasn’t that long, just last year..."

About twenty minutes later, Mike drove the car to the southern suburbs of Nanxiong City. The southern suburbs of Nanxiong City are relatively desolate, and few people can be seen on the streets. The lights of the residential buildings were basically all off, except for some dilapidated 24-hour hotels on both sides of the street; Chu Shaoyan found the entrance of a hotel that was not easy to find, and asked Mike to stop the car. After Mike left, Chu Shaoyan took Ye Ruoxi into the hotel.

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The first ones to come in were some dignitaries from the political circles. After offering incense politely, they all came over to shake hands with Chu Shaoyan and Ye Ruoxi. Many of those people had been met by Chu Shaoyan at the Christmas party. Among them, Chen Zhiyuan, the mayor of the harbor, was an important political figure that Chu Shaoyan was most familiar with.
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But... Inspiration is just a moment. If you don't grasp it at that moment, it will be difficult to think of it again. An inspiration flashed in Chu Shaoyan's head before, he seemed to have captured something, but when he seriously recalled it, he couldn't think of anything.
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"Boss, that woman seems to be the governor of the Ryukyu Mansion in Japan. I've seen her on TV before." At this time, a white man next to the blond man frowned.
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"Brother Chu, what else do you need to do?" A Bao, a key member of the branch hall, seemed to be impatient, and asked again.
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Chu Shaoyan shook his head, then glanced at Toyotomi Maaya and Liang Wanruo with a wry smile, and said, "Should we find a place to sit down and eat slowly?"
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Seeing Chu Shaoyan's depressed face, Liu Yong frowned and said: "Shaoyan, how did that kid get hurt? The person who attacked him was really serious! Logically speaking, he is your brother, and no one dares to treat him in the harbor." Why is he playing so hard?"
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"It's okay, you're busy, I'm going out to find a job."
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The next moment, Toyotomi Maaya's pupils widened suddenly, and she looked at the three words Chu Shaoyan displayed on the screen of the mobile phone with disbelief! How could it be him? This question kept flashing in my mind, and Maaya Toyotomi's mood was extremely complicated at this moment. The last time she learned that Chu Shaoyan was injured, she did not hesitate to sacrifice the advantage of cooperating with a city in the Philippines to visit Chu Shaoyan in Baodao Harbor City, but she was rejected by Chu Shaoyan at that time! That time, it made her very sad, she subconsciously thought that Chu Shaoyan was trying to avoid her and didn't want to see her.
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