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Of course, the point is that this car has its own awning. Now under the new regulations, new cars are not allowed to have an awning, only old cars have it. ... i recieved a small loan from kabbage

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Hei Lian flattened her mouth and muttered, "Hehe, you are still really generous to them..." ...

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Han Ye raised his proud face, and said sternly, "Devil? Do you recognize my wings?"

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Almost at the same time, with Mao Buping as the center, the entire room was instantly metalized, and then all the metal seemed to come alive, and condensed towards Mao Buping like mercury.

Then Ma Dong and Yan Wushu took a long time to squeeze out a smile.

At this moment, Jing Long's walkie-talkie rang, and it was a woman's voice: "Brother, the aura of powerful demons has been found in the sky and the ground. They seem to be rushing to the headquarters. Haven't you solved it yet?"

We are in the corridor, the one that is the messiest is still their class.

"We can do it too." The girls nodded collectively.

"Could it be that he has a tendency to be abused, scolded and despised? It seems that we can't treat him too well in the future..." Gu Xi murmured in his heart.

Seeing Jiang Li approaching, the eyes of these people lit up instantly.

When Hei Lian heard this, she looked at those people who also just bought electric bikes and rode them happily. Sure enough, none of them had awnings.

Thinking about the dishes that Jiang Li described, the waiter suddenly felt that he had the illusion of working in a food stall, and ten thousand horses rushed past in his heart, thinking: "You want to open up and eat, you go to the food stall Ah... this is not a place to eat, this is a place to pay attention to style, okay?"

When Jiang Li heard it, he was immediately happy, Cheng Shu's deterrent power is so strong now... However, if the other party knows the truth, I don't know what he will think, hehe... .

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