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【how to change credit card on ebay for buyers 】 Everyone was discussing this matter, shaking their heads almost one-sidedly, laughing at Xia Gan's stupid decision! 。

This situation is not an exception, but very common. There are many sectarian ruins in the entire Longmen battlefield, but the treasures found in them are often decayed and unusable, and more have even turned into dust.

How long have you been waiting for this reliable shoulder? Since the death of his father Shangguan Ding, he has struggled to support the overall situation of Huading Group by himself, and sometimes he is really tired. Fortunately, God took pity on me, and sent such a person to my side at a critical moment, which changed my destiny ever since!

A huge explosion sounded!

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"Hahaha! It turned out to be a fool whose brain was kicked by a donkey! I'll take your head off!"
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"Interesting, I look forward to the moment when we meet again! I just hope that by that time, you can talk to me as calmly as this time!"
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Such domineering words! People almost thought that the man in front of them was not Xia Gan, but the four evildoers of Guiyuan Daozong, dragon, tiger, leopard and crane, who had arrived!
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It was a very ordinary scene, but Xia Gan's eyes were instantly attracted!
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