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Wang Daoyang coughed dryly: "Let's talk about business." ... how much should i ate out for a student loan

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Since childhood, he was helpless and had to take care of a blind mother. .

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Jiang Li laughed with a snort: "Okay, I'll satisfy you. That's okay, before you become a foreman, take your stick and give me a part-time job to deal with the garbage."

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I don't know if he doesn't know Jiang Li's background, or if he is not as strong as Jiang Li and cannot fight.

In the end, it fell into the hands of the pervert in front of him. Not only did he slap her in the face, but he also picked her up like a dead dog!

The spiritual power radiated by Gulian couldn't lock the body of the earth dragon, and was directly crushed by the shock wave

The White Elephant God was really angry, if the opponent was really strong, it would be fine, but it turned out to be a silver-like pewter gun head, which almost made him lose face.

But soon, Jiang Li was frowning again, because he could actually taste the weird taste of some low-grade sugar mixed in the chewing gum...

But I also understand that these two guys are not weaker than the one who was going to destroy the world back then, but they just don't have a chance to explode.

Jiang Li nodded and said: "Of course, the five scumbags are just a bastard. If I hadn't punched your big white horse at the time, there would probably be none of the five strong men left."

At this time, Su Jiu said, "Jiang Li, I didn't come to you for business. I came to remind you."

Jiang Li said, "I can't control it."

The world is peaceful, who is not ambitious yet. .

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At the same time, a destructive power spread from the dragon gun, his body instantly disintegrated, and he didn't know anything. .

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