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The people who stared blankly at the Chitai Forbidden Land being swallowed up by the Immortal Universe did not notice the instigator of all this, who was just watching all this happening... ... what is collateral for a business loan

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They unreservedly bloomed their own cultivation, or showed an unparalleled huge body, and spread out one after another, surpassing the sea of stars, and the Daowei belonging to the prehistoric universe shocked the world! .

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The people of the Mohong family did what they said, and immediately came to the southeast of Daze. As expected, a large number of Dengshe gathered. Their whole bodies were soaked in the water, and water birds were flying around. Playing around in the dirt. ...

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Facing the voice from Immortal Heavenly Lotus, all the ancient immortals in Immortal Court had the same expression for a moment:

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What he was talking about was a sudden rainstorm, just like the heavy rain that happened in the last snake attack.

No matter how powerful her strength is, even if she has the Taisu Altar in hand, she still has no confidence... At the same time, she is an enemy of forty-nine Taoist monarchs.

Yan Zai tried his best to exhale, he sat up with support, and while sorting out his memory, he subconsciously muttered to himself, and the old patriarch helped him up, tears filled his eyes with excitement.

At first, when he saw the explosion of the new system, he would complain for a long time.

strong wind suddenly rose, lying under the spring thunder of heaven and earth, and the heavy rain was blown by it and tilted towards the east. On the head of the giant blue squid, I felt the resistance of the wind, and at the same time, there was extremely hot... light and heat !

"It seems that Brother An has made up his mind to go, but I have something to give to Brother, and I will treat it as a farewell gift."

The shabby shed was relatively dark, and there was light rain today, so the weather was not good. The old patriarch stopped. He was illuminated by the light behind him, and turned his head in shock.

Crossed over!

Prosperity, Sheng also! Those who are old, contain (year) too!

"That's you." .

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Tangtang Hongzu, a terrifying existence who has devoured countless lives, is also notorious in the ancient restricted area, and unexpectedly reincarnated as a little girl for no reason? .

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