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【doe student loan forgiveness program 】 "It can be burned." Chu Shaoyan smiled lightly. 。

Later, when Tong Xi was depressed and puzzled behind closed doors and thinking about the past, Xiao Xi gathered in a relatively secret small restaurant to celebrate the beginning of success.

"Search me, they girls can't search!" Fatty An proudly stepped forward, looked down at the short Police Officer Wu coldly, and said: "I believe you will regret it, I'm sorry, although you were ordered , but just for your actions, I can't escape the guilt today!"

Wang Qiang raised his hand directly as he spoke, his face was calm, not angry but mighty.

Soon the shells were loaded automatically, and Emily also sat next to the cannon. As a senior Interpol police officer, she has received comprehensive military training, and it is easy to operate artillery. When the helicopter flew around the freighter, Emily manipulated the artillery to blast the freighter with a series of shots.

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The world is like a three-dimensional sketch, the darkest part is exactly the boundary line with white; the white is called high light, holy as a newborn; and the middle tone is a mixture of black and white, gray; most people in the world Just living in this gray boundary, this middle tone, is never the focus of the painting, all eyes are focused on the intersection of black and white and the highlight, no matter how hard the painter is mixing it.
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It was Long Junyu's voice that was speaking at this moment. There was incomparable hatred in the words of this shameless guy, and he obviously hated Zhao Xiu and Chu Shaoyan who made him lose face in the afternoon.
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Among the six shells, five shells landed on the deck, and the other shell passed the freighter and landed on the sea surface with a loud bang. A water column was stirred up to a height of more than ten meters, pouring water on the heads and faces of several gangsters on the deck. !
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When he yelled so suddenly, the people above were puzzled. Could it be that there are some extraordinary people below, such as the masters of 'Royal No. 2', or Dugu Linfeng, Jiang Zhihua and other young masters who must not be offended?
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Chu Shaoyan said lightly: "Masi's family is already on the chopping block, and I also have the secrets of some officials in Ningcheng. If it is revealed, I believe Ningcheng will have an earthquake. Commander Shu, you and Jiangdong How is the relationship with the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection? Is there anyone involved? We need the help of the Commission for Discipline Inspection. And for the Commission for Discipline Inspection, it is also a credit. Our joint handling of the case can be described as a win-win situation."
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"Hey, do you still have mosquitoes in this festival?" Goldfinger Wu Chao was surprised.
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Of course, Shi Danda, a master on the South American road, is not weak either. After paying the price of the deaths of several of his subordinates, the high-speed bullets ejected from his heavy-duty sniper rifle obliquely penetrated the wide open hatch and hit the instrument panel of the helicopter. superior!
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It turned out that there happened to be a stone under Jiang Zhihua's feet, and the blood from his mouth dripped onto the stone.
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