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When Wang Sanpang heard these words, although he kept agreeing to them, only Wang Sanpang himself knew whether he really listened to them. .

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The reason why Wang Sanpang didn't use firearms was because he was worried that the sound of gunshots would attract others, and he wouldn't be able to get away even if he put on wings. ...

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Guo Xun was full of vigor and commanded his subordinates to get busy.

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It is a pity that because of this exercise, Dou Wei, a recruit, did not make it to the special battlefield on the border.

"Well, it's already a holiday, and the last exam has just been finished."

If something happens, an ambulance won't be able to get on the highway.

Wang Changlin also knew that his daughter missed the soldier who rescued her lying on the hospital bed.

Recruit companies don't know how to train, and some veterans are lazy and don't even teach recruits the shooting essentials of these two postures.

The main reason is that Feng Yadong's acting skills are a bit lacking, and his eyes kept glancing at his own flaws. Wang Sanpang knew what Feng Yadong was thinking after thinking about it in his heart.

The wives or girlfriends of the other three people in the dormitory were not here, so they could only watch helplessly as Wang Sanpang, an animal, went out happily and came back contented.

While Chu Shaoyan was looking at Gu Yue, the boss of Longteng Group, Gu Yue was also looking at Chu Shaoyan, the new leader of the Sanlianhui.

The monitor of the cooking class rolled his eyes when he heard Wang Sanpang's pain.

This is what Sheng Hui has been hesitating about. He is worried that his wrong decision will lead the reconnaissance company astray. .

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When Zhao Jun just finished speaking, they already knew what Zhao Jun wanted to tell them. .

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