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【short term business loan uk 】 Kui Ying stayed in the cave for a while, and took out two exquisite large iron boxes. The inside of the large iron box was divided into small squares, and some scattered restless sounds came from some small squares. 。

Su Ran breathed a sigh of relief, and bowed his hands to the members of the Eight Great Families: "Lord Wang is right, Dean Ming committed suicide, and I picked up the Gu worm, and I also need this Gu worm, so I don't intend to give it to you." out."

Ouyang's family, in the patriarch's court.

Of course, the gang didn't understand what Su Ran did, but no one dared to ask Su Ran.

"Can we win? How should Jue Yue be killed? I think everyone's attacks didn't cause much harm to Jue Yue." Su Ran didn't move, and asked first, he had an illusion that everyone couldn't win.

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The Gu worm is this Illusory Immortal Gu.
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Hit it harder.
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It's ridiculous, the battle in the Gu Academy during the day was originally designed by Ming Gushan himself, there was no snipe and clam fighting for the fisherman's benefit.
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Arms: Two source jade arms (ten).
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Moonhunter wielding his sword looked at Su Ran who was a bit abrupt on the main tower of the city, and said lightly:
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As soon as the woman flicked her sleeves, the air wave disappeared, and her eyes stared fiercely at the man who pulled out the knife.
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A third-rank Gu master can force-control eight Gu worms, a fourth-rank Gu master can force-control ten Gu worms, after a fifth-rank Gu master, one can only increase the control of one Gu worm, and a fifth-rank Gu master can control eleven Gu worms at most. Only Gu worms, but for a fifth-rank Gu master, it is not easy to gather eleven fifth-rank Gu worms.
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After pondering for a while, Su Ran said: "I still need a second-grade Gu, so I can exchange it for one thousand secret stones, how about it?"
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