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Seeing this, Jiang Li laughed immediately: "I, Cao, understand everything? I'm starting to like educated demons, haha..." ... what do i need for a bank loan

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Ma Feng stood up straight suddenly, and shouted: "Attention everyone, red alert!'s a super red alert!" .

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The beast king who crawled out of the pit rubbed his eyes and said in surprise, "It's not true, is it?" ...

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Jiang Li turned his head, looked at the Tuhuang, and said with a smile, "It's your turn."

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Jing Hu was silent for a while, and then said puzzledly: "Brother, I don't understand what you said."

Speaking of this, after a flash of determination flashed in the depths of the Beastmaster's eyes, he took out a black object and stuffed it into his mouth, and his devilish energy unexpectedly surged again!

Han Songling frowned and said, "Cooperation?"

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"Who?!" Fatty suddenly turned and looked at Hei Lian.

Incomparably powerful!

The Beastmaster was blown away directly...

After finishing speaking, the man turned around and said, "By the way, the second news is ready to be sent out."

Ma Dong opened his mouth and said, "It seems that it is really him...why is he here?"

After more than an hour passed, the people present were grinning and shaking, and it seemed that some people were going to be unable to hold on. .

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Jiang Li asked back, "What about now?" .

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