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The people who watched felt their scalps go numb and called out perverted. ...

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When Jiang Li turned on his phone, he saw a news pop-up window about a battle. When he clicked on it, it was a video.

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Hearing that the demon messenger could kill a demigod-level powerhouse, Li Zhan was surprised.

At this moment, there was a sound of hoofbeats, and the holy son in white robes rode a white horse and galloped. His long hair fluttered in the wind, and he dismounted from the horse and stood side by side with Anna.

I have seen too many scenes of those peerless human emperors ruling the world and smashing through the sky.

At the same time, the yin and yang fish in Jiang Li's eyes turned, like a high-speed computer, and instantly analyzed the principle of the particle cannon, and then a strange scene happened. The yin-yang fish on Jiang Li's fist suddenly joined together, and even emitted a hot white light...

It is also scattered.

The white fox nodded and said: "The dust on the sacred artifacts will cause everyone to be in danger, and all races will hide from the world.

Animals such as cats and dogs in the city are running around like crazy, birds are flying around, and the whole world seems to be in chaos...

When the weasel heard this, his two small eyes glowed red in anger, and he gritted his teeth and said, "Don't be so arrogant!"

Jing Ying said disdainfully: "Is there anything I can look up to about them? A group of cowardly people, it's a pity that their ancestors are wise and powerful..."

Cheng Shu roared: "You said Qianmo, why are you asking if my girlfriend is here? Don't you know it will kill someone?" .

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Upon hearing this, Wu Yangqing immediately said, "Why don't we go?" .

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