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【pay loan online bmo harris bank 】 Feng Yadong saw a group of veterans training in fighting not far away. 。

When Wang Sanpang and the others returned to the dormitory, they saw a blanket on the floor of the dormitory, and nine automatic rifles on the stand.

Although Wang Jinjun, the chief of staff of the third division, had just joined the third division not long ago, but his personality and handling of things got along very well with the division commander Feng Baoguo.

"Don't worry, I won't do anything, it's just a drill, we are not real enemies, you wait, I want to ask you something later."

Hearing the girl's question, Wang Sanpang rolled his eyes.

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Everyone in the three divisions knew this characteristic of Feng Baoguo.
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This is what Sheng Hui has been hesitating about. He is worried that his wrong decision will lead the reconnaissance company astray.
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Without hesitation, Fan Jianzhong hid behind Cheng Gong and pointed his gun at the special police officer.
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"Hey, Xiao Chang, what's going on with that class."
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It seems that when Zhao Jun taught them the little trick of folding quilts and watering yesterday, the smile on his face was exactly the same as now.
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As for the superficial promise, to turn back after returning? In this situation, even if they had ten guts, they wouldn't dare to do that. Chu Shaoyan has the leader of the evil god Ka Suo's mercenary as a friend. And they don't blindly think that the second-rate bodyguards they hired can withstand the assassination of the retired special forces of the Snow Wolf Mercenary Corps. Afterwards, the bosses of the branch churches in several cities expressed their support for Chu Shaoyan.
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"Yes, foreign forces have tried to suppress the local economy recently, but fortunately, they are being suppressed now." Toyotomi Maaya slowly closed her eyes, her expression relaxed, and continued: "So after being busy , I want to come to the harbor to see you now and relax for two days."
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