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【how to calculate the student loan interest deduction 】 "Is this the most fierce person in the history?" 。

Wu Kun and Prince Zhao, who were clamoring on the Internet, fell silent at the same time

Now it seems that those ancient legends unearthed by Blue Star seem to be closer to the reality of this world. Is this a coincidence, or was it intentional?

The pain that his body was about to explode hit the depths of his soul!

"Yeah, I'm not Hei Jiangli. It's just that I don't know Jiangli well, but everyone should be more familiar with Mi Qingmou, right? Although she doesn't show up much, which one of her appearances is not a peerless beauty? Has there ever been a dark history? "

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"As expected of the world's number one lunatic, he took the initiative to challenge the wind door that others can't avoid. No matter what the result is, I want to say, this guy is awesome!"
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For a moment, people were a little dazed, and they said in their hearts: This plot is wrong, the previous Jiang Li was not so strong! Fenghuo Yasheng didn't die after fighting with him for so long, how could he be photographed dead after a violent amnesty? He got Bing Linggong's Fire Dragon Badge!
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Jiang Li wanted to go further, but Mi Canghai was very shrewd, and even those young people were shrewd like ghosts, coping with it casually, without any nutritious information.
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Jiang Li patted the table slightly, the whole imperial city was shaking
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Han Nian had a three-foot long beard, just like Guan Gong, with a serious face and worried eyes.
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Then Yu Luocha kowtowed to Daha without hesitation, and Yu Luocha, who hardly spoke, spat out a few cold words: "Yu Luocha, pay homage to the master."
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Sun Changjiang, Sun Changhe and others were all stunned.
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The others all shouted loudly.
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