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Tang Wanruo saw the heat in his eyes, and wiped away his tears with a slight warmth in his heart, saying, "Actually, I really shouldn't cry for such a bastard, let alone torture myself for him. But he...he is my man after all. The father of my daughter Youshuang, for many years, I wanted to skin him, but the moment I finally saw him, my heart broke! I have hated enough and tired of hating him all these years, and I don’t want to hate him , but I hate myself for being stupid! Over the years, how much suffering and grievances I have suffered with You Shuang, you may not be able to imagine..." ... how to apply for credit card online

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what is a credit facility - how to build a good credit score . Gao Jun nodded and said: "My in-laws, what you said may be right, Wang Qiang is waiting for an opportunity! Just with us and Zhao Dahua, the gap in strength between us and the Tong and Xiao families is still obvious!" |.

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Zidie stuck out the tip of her tongue and backed away, giggling and said: "You have seen all this? Hehe, sister, you are really Guanshiyin Bodhisattva, with great supernatural powers!" .

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Chu Shaoyan smiled wryly and shook his head: "Before I was sixteen years old, except for Chinese classical literature, I had never been exposed to any knowledge of modern society. These are the principles my master once said." ...

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The state machine finally swung its cold sword and cut off these two powerful black hands in Jiangbei's political circles! !

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The old comrade nodded firmly, turned around and left. Lin Xiaobei, Xiao Zhengnan's new secretary, hurriedly waited at the door, extended his hand to invite him, and accompanied him away.

"Some comrades mentioned his rank just now..." At this time Wan Min said coldly again, "Let's not talk about the bureau level, there are three cases under my hands at the department level, and the department level is even more like crossing the river." Crucian carp! You must know that in the eyes of our Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, there is no rank, only discipline! As long as it violates the discipline regulations issued by the Provincial Party Committee, our Commission for Discipline Inspection will strictly investigate and deal with it, and will not tolerate it!"

Bai Feiyan nodded and said, "Hi, I like it! They all like it! Your Youshuang, Duan Mulan...uh, and Xu Qi, Mi Qiao... Hehe, they all like him, he is a heartthrob, mine Man, I like him, but he is a heartthrob, Sister Liang!"

"Hiss...Chu Shaoyan, I sprained my ankle. Well, where is my mother, I'm going to see her right away! Chu Shaoyan, please tell me immediately!"

Luo Mingdong shouted: "Put down my daughter!"

Chu Shaoyan's eyes widened, and he almost jumped off the stairs in grief and anger.

Song Yingjie nodded: "Understood, I will leave immediately to prepare. People from Tanlu Detective Agency flew from Jiangcheng to Ningcheng, and they should have arrived by now."

A minute later, Chu Shaoyan sat in Zidie's vehicle smoothly. Five minutes later, the two arrived at their new place of sojourn - Xixi Hotel. The vehicle was quickly parked in a parking lot near the hotel, and the two sneaked in from behind the hotel, and then Chu Shaoyan invaded his bedroom on the seventh floor with Zidie in his arms like walking on the ground.

Ji Yuanfeng smiled faintly, sat down, took a Cuban cigar that was placed on the edge of the ashtray, and took a puff: "Xiao Zhengnan is considered a gentleman, and he is also very party-minded. In principle, he would not argue with Wang, but he also has a very strong personality. Let him take the initiative to take refuge, and he will not lose face. The key now is how to stage the story of Wang and Xiao's reconciliation. Mayor Tong did one thing wrong, he should not have attacked Zheng Ping!"

After covering Cheng Yu with another silk quilt, Chu Shaoyan hugged Li Rongrong's slippery body and lay down. He couldn't help but sigh in his heart. It's so innocent to be with the person he likes so intimately. It is too favored! .

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Bai Feiyan was startled, and shook her head: "Don't go, don't go... I went to see him making out with them, my heart, my heart felt like being cut, it hurt so much! I won't go, I won't go!" .

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