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Chu Shaoyan quickly patted her on the back, and whispered: "Slow down, that's not how you drink wine!" ... free-carried interest traduction

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Li Rongrong suddenly realized that the other party must have woken up, and the arm that was holding her had already been released, so she sat up suddenly and waited to get up. ...

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'Tianjian Group' directly under the Military Commission. There are not many members, and those who can join the 'Heavenly Sword Group' are definitely the elites among the elites, the super-star figures in their respective troops. For example, Chu Shaoyan, Ling Haoxuan, and Song Yingjie belonged to the "Tiger Special Forces" special operations, the Second Department of the General Staff, and the Security Bureau respectively.

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Old Zhang turned around and ran away as he said that, his pockmarked face was so angry that he jumped and scolded: "Go to your uncle, and you also said that you will clean up the dust for me. If you know you can hug your thighs, turn around and run away!"

Parking the car near the Binjiang Sub-bureau building, Chu Shaoyan turned off the air conditioner a little bit, then got out of the car and clipped a piece of paper on the windshield wiper to block the sun for her. When the sun was directly shining just now, the policewoman had been frowning with her thick black eyebrows in her sleep, and she couldn't help raising her hand to brush away the glaring strands of hair.

It has been nearly half a year since the accident on the wedding night, but Hua Yuxuan still hasn't woken up. Chu Shaoyan went to the hospital twice a week to give her a blood test, and he already knew his cousin's physical condition like the back of his hand.

An Linshan said: "Boss Captain, you must have a specific overall arrangement, so just order it!"

That guy brushed away the messy hair that covered his eyes, and said with a sneer, "Little sister, I remember you lent me 10,000 yuan last time, and the interest was one cent per day. Should I pay it back today?"

"Nuo Xue, you didn't come up with these words yourself, did you?" Shangguan Zetian asked.

"She is in pain, can you deal with it for her first, I will pay the money right away!" Chu Shaoyan took out his wallet, showing that he would pay the fee right away.

Liang Wanruo's black eyes flashed with anger, do you think I'm a bar hostess? But in order to be safe, she forced a smile and said: "Secretary Jia can visit the small shop, it is really full of splendor. I should treat you today. I can't invite you distinguished guests on weekdays!"

Wang Hong sighed for a long time: "We are doing our best, let's obey the destiny. Retrial, continue the trial, pry these guys' mouths open, even if we can't save the overall situation, we have to bite the other party and make them pay the price!"

Song Yingjie glanced at him: "If you don't retire, I'm afraid you will be promoted to colonel at the age of 26! Team Chu, do you still regret it now?" .

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Sima Yan raised his head to stare at the crescent moon, and sighed, "Qixia is ten years younger than me. I watched her grow up. The two families had the idea of marrying each other, but at first I just regarded her as a As a younger sister, secondly, girls have very strong personalities and cannot accept political marriage at all..." .

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