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【getting private student loan to study in tokyo 】 Guan Shu wanted to hug Shen Yao all the time, he didn't want Shen Yao to leave his eyes for a minute. 。

Shen Yao stood quietly not far away, the distance between him and Guan Shu was as clear as the border between Chu and Han Rivers. He looked down at Guan Shu who was in a mess but still struggling, and he understood the meaning of Guan Shu's gaze towards him.

Hearing Jiang Langtao's answer, Mr. Jiang's heart skipped a beat. His intuition told him that something was wrong, but he didn't know what was wrong. With this question in mind, Elder Jiang walked into the Sanlian clubhouse accompanied by Jiang Langtao.

The familiar voice made Guan Shu's heart tremble, his tone was distant and cold, not as intimate as before, or sharp anger.

Seeing all these Chu Shaoyans made him slightly stunned, but he quickly moved his eyes away and turned his eyes to other people.

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Shen Yao didn't raise his hand for a long time, his expression was slightly startled, making it impossible to guess what he was thinking.
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His breathing was still rapid and chaotic, and there was a chaotic storm in his eyes, but he was clearly sober.
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"Mr. Chu?" After the call was connected, a familiar voice came from the receiver.
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It wasn't because he was soft-hearted and wanted to give Alpha a way out, but he just felt that only the vase wound was better, after all, that was the most perfect self-defense.
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Shen Yao stroked his neck subconsciously, no longer feeling restrained by alpha, he said softly, "Okay."
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With a rumbling sound, more than a dozen luxury cars left one by one. In the car, Ye Ruoxi couldn't help but look back at Ye Tianhe's tombstone in the distance, until the car turned a corner and couldn't see it.
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"Brother Chu, what else do you need to do?" A Bao, a key member of the branch hall, seemed to be impatient, and asked again.
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Chu Shaoyan stood up abruptly as he spoke. Amidst the terrified expressions of everyone, he walked a few steps to the guy named Saha and smiled, "I said, Mr. Saha, your psychological quality is really very good. Surprise me!"
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