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test. small loan interest rate calculator Several special police officers ten meters in front of Chu Shaoyan heard Chu Shaoyan's shout, and immediately aimed their guns at the place where Chu Shaoyan was, and said coldly: "Who?" ….

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As the duck blood is fried in hot oil and fire, and the acid water hidden in the duck blood begins to work, a unique fragrance is released! .

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After finishing all this, Starscream suddenly heard footsteps coming from outside, and she knew that it was Ye Jinlong's subordinates who saw everything through the monitor. ...

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When the old man heard this, his eyes almost popped out!

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After stopping the car, the special policeman in the front seat turned his head and said respectfully, "Mr. Chu, we're here." He glanced at Chu Shaoyan, and wondered in his heart that this guy was a martial artist from the special forces of the Dongjiang Military Region. Consultant? Why did the mayor have to meet in person? Could it be because of the military secrets he said?

The demonized fish father sneered and said: "I could have turned you into meat at once, but I just like the feeling of cats playing with mice, seeing you struggling in despair but powerless, hehe...it's so interesting Yes. Is the chat over? After the chat, then get ready to go..."

Just as the two girls were about to leave, they saw the man rushing up, blocking the middle of the road, and shouting: "Stop!"

Jiang Li smiled wryly and said, "If he could pick him up, he would have picked him up a long time ago. My old man left when I was eight years old and never came back. My mother said that he was just lost, and he will definitely come back. She said, If she leaves, what should I do if I can't find us when I come back? To wait for him, my mother has been waiting here for more than ten years..."

Anyone else would think he's a brawny, simple-minded demon, but...

"No!" Huangmao, Mohawk, Dumpty, Brawny and others shouted at the same time.

At the same time, Zhuo Lei saw that the stone walls on all sides were slowly gathering in the middle. It seemed that the other party wanted to pinch Geng Bei to death!

Chu Shaoyan didn't know about this situation, but Chu Shaoyan understood that the time must not be short. And during this period, Chu Shaoyan couldn't conflict with these policemen, which was the most difficult thing to do!

The sudden change stunned everyone in the hall, including Ye Tianhe and Yang Zhiyuan! But after a short period of stupefaction, Ye Tianhe regained that calm expression. Now he has given the Sanlian Society to Chu Shaoyan intentionally. As for how Chu Shaoyan should face the Zhulian Society, Ye Tianhe has no need to remind him at all. At the same time, this big scene is also a test for Chu Shaoyan.

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At this moment, the door of the conference room was pushed open, and Chu Shaoyan brought Ka Suo, Mike and Vincent, three snow wolf mercenaries, walked in through the door. .

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