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This is also the reason why An Ran still had to find Nanming Immortal King No. 1 for all kinds of problems she encountered. ... new york safe act -mortgage

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Who is this boy named Qianqiu? ! .

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"I, I, I..." He opened his mouth in a panic, but his thoughts were a little stiff. ...

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After pondering for a moment, An Ran asked unhurriedly: "But if I do this, what good will it do for me, and what good will it do for Jianzong?"

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"Heavenly Dao Academy has probably made an astonishing breakthrough, but this breakthrough has not yet completely turned into a decisive gap."

It's just that he doesn't know it.

His Majesty the Emperor tried it, twisted his neck reluctantly, and managed to get in through the crack with all his might.

He finished absorbing the Tushii Divine Fire, and he didn't develop any Heavenly Fire Primordial Spirit. Except for a few full belches, he didn't even improve his cultivation at all!

"You cut off the Human King Monument?"

Monk Bitter Bamboo: "???"

"Please wait a moment, even if I can take the initiative to contact, it will take a certain amount of time before I can wait for a reply from there."

"Hmph, if you have the ability—"

An Ran stared at her face, suddenly stretched out a hand, and rubbed the girl's face.

The forests here are lush and full of vitality. .

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Calculating the time, Taoist Feiling should be returning to Jianzong soon, and then there will be the Ascension Ceremony of his cheap master! .

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