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【mortgage broker qualification 】 Of course, people all over the world say that Taitai subdued the flood at that time, so that "Kyushu is clean, the world is united", "the soil returns to its house, and the water returns to its gully", but in fact, it was not so simple and successful... .. 。

Why don't you dare to have a fight with Xuehou!

You know, actually...

Between the sky and the earth, the sun is fierce, the torrential rain is also increasing, and the sound of thunder can be heard almost day and night.

Ehuang told her about Luoshen, and Nvying seemed very worried. Although Ehuang said that she was going to refine Qi, Nvying also persuaded Ehuang, saying that the eldest daughter of Emperor Yan and Chisongzi practiced, but they did not survive. At the age of 200, the first threshold for qi refiners is 150 years old, and the second threshold is 300 years old. These two hurdles have stopped many qi refiners.

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But the happiest and most important thing for the tribal people is that the cost of Chisongzi to help them deal with things is very cheap.
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The two chicks slipped back, and the sparrow was about to be cooked.
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"That should be Luo Luo?"
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Although Tong Xuanzi could hear that Chisongzi was teasing, he was still a little confused.
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Wen Ming waved vigorously to the girl in the river, saying that I lost the axe, so reward me quickly!
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There are also high mountains and Lutai Mountain near the ancient Kongtong. There are silver mines on the high mountains, green jasper and realgar at the foot of the mountain, and most of the vegetation in the mountains are palm trees and bamboos. The source of the Jing River is here, and there are many rocks in the water.
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"Heavenly Emperor, my lords don't know something. The people of the Chifang clan are in Luonan land. They beat the water god, cut off the water flow, and destroyed the trees..."
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Cuckoo and Jiaojiao think so.
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